THERMI - By the grace of St Raphael

The first municipality that encounters as it moves northeast of Mytilene, is Thermi, seat of the municipality is united residential with Pyrgi Thermis and receives every year a large number of visitors for its beaches but especially for the St Raphael’s monastery who dominates the hill of Karyes.

The first village to be seen when entering the municipality Loutropoli Thermis as it comes from Mytilene, are Pirgi Thermis. A key feature of the region, the namesake towers that still impress with their architectural grace. These were fortified country houses, rural estates and holiday centers for wealthy residents of Mytilene. Amid towers and tree emerges Panagia Trouloti, a great Byzantine church which according to tradition was built in 803 by Empress Irene the Athenian.

The area brings together every summer a lot of people visiting for swimming in "Kanoni", located a few meters from the main road and has every kind of restaurant, coffee shops and entertainment. Immediately after Pirgi Thermis is the beach of Thermi with the picturesque harbor, the colorful fishing boats, paved docks and traditional “kafenedakia” for ouzo.

Above the beach and the town on the hill "Karyes" is the monastery of Saint Raphael, it attracts thousands of pilgrims from around the world. In the two-storey church with striking illustrations kept the relics of the saint martyrs Raphael, Nicholas and Irene, found in a miraculous way after persistent believers dreams. A few kilometers away from Thermi, are the villages of Pigi and Komi, where every summer becomes the "Bull Festival".

The beach of Thermi, which gathers each evening many people is a very old attraction of tourists. Proof of this is the old hotel "Sarlitza Palace", that although abandoned "wakes up" yet, with its architectural characteristics, memories of past glories. For swimming in the area offered little further north and the creek "Petalidi". On the beach of Thermi are baths with thermal waters. With temperature 46.9 degrees Celsius, recommended for treating rheumatism, kidney stones, liver diseases, gynecological diseases, etc.

In a few kilometers from the beach of Thermi are the villages of Mystegna and Nees Kydonies. Both feature picturesque harbor with many taverns. Specialties: grilled octopus, which is the most delicious across the island.

Last tourist station in the Thermi City limits area "Xambelia" scenic beach and tavernas serving all types delicacies.


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